Online Contract for House Construction

We were able to sign the construction contract for the house online with MCA. Well, MCA sent us the documents by mail, via video conference we discussed the individual parts of the contract and then signed on the appropriate pages either with initials or with signature. That this is possible - and that we don't have to travel to France for it - we had already discussed with MCA at the very beginning.

The building contract for our house in France

The contract for building the house was the same as what we had discussed before. There is quite a bit to read, all in French of course. Knowing and understanding the terms is essential. Our consultant discussed some more details with us, answered our questions and - as always - took the time we needed. There were no nasty surprises in the construction contract, on the contrary. MCA Maison has a few additions to the legal requirements which make it more pleasant for the buyer.

MCA construction contract better than the law requires?

When it comes to the final inspection of the building site after the completion of the house, it makes a difference in French building law whether you make this visit

  • alone or
  • with an expert

If one is alone, one still has 8 days to report obvious construction defects. With a professional, this deadline does not apply. However, MCA is so confident in themselves that even if an expert is present, they voluntarily allow this deadline. That feels good. Of course, this deadline does not affect the other guarantees.

Guarantees when building a house in France

1 year parfait achevement 10 years structural damage