The Housing Situation

We live in an area that is - let's face it - ugly. It's an old industrial region which has been on the decline for the last 20 years. It is far away from the sea, mountains, or pristine nature.

Concrete Jungle

Instead we are surrounded by concrete cities, clogged up highways and gray skies. How did we even end up here? House prices are unreasonable high. For the price of a flat we could buy a house with a garden (and did once) where we used to live.

Do what we love

We started looking for houses in an area we already lived in, and actually love: La Gironde, France.

With Corona and home-office we thought:

Ok, we live in Germany. Why not buy a house in France?

Two scenarios

From todays perspective the worst case scenario seems to be:

  • we will have a house for our holidays in a beautiful area - and for our retirement.
  • For the best of cases, we would have a house to live in.

In any case, that seems pretty awesome to us.

Finding a house

In February 2021 we started out looking for houses in proximity to our old surf-spot Carcans Plage.

  • Of the 10-15 houses we visited, none where to our liking. Not because they were not beautiful but because they were either
    • build upon a swamp or
    • not built with thequality we would expect.

Many people build cheap houses of cheap quality to sell it for cheap. We want a house that lasts a long time, so we thought:

Why not build a house?

Very well, why not build a house and have it constructed the way we would appreciate it? There are many reasons why building a house can be great.

Building a dream house

Hopefully, you get your dream house, with the layout you want, the colors you like. And it's all new and shiny. But building a house is also a lot of stress and there is a lot you need to be aware of and this is what this blog is about.

This blog is about

Building a house in France while living Germany.

We will present here all the different steps of building a house, starting with the terrain, the bank credit, all the administrative formalities and all the building steps. We will post insider infos and photos during all the project, until our house is finished. We chose the construction company MCA, follow us and get insider information on how everything went.