House construction in France: status


At what stage is the construction of the house? Which step is next, which ones have already been completed?

Construction Phase

Construction begins

Planning Phase

Finalize contract for Land

Sign for Credit (in progress)

Waiting for building permit

Demand building permit

Sign Contract for Land

Done online in 30 minutes. Both notaries present via video conference.

Sign Contract for Construction (MCA)

Received by mail, signed with video conference. Simple, efficient. All good so far, thank you MCA!

Plan House

After a few iterations, the floor plan is ready. The house got bigger and bigger from version to version bigger and bigger. Now it has 4 rooms, about 130sqm and many big windows. An overhanging roof on all sides, water insulation of the foundation, a tarpaulin against moisture and penetrating salt from the sea air. With terrace, without garage.

Find Land

The property is found. A few minutes from the beach, quietly located On the edge of the forest. Bonus: not a swamp.