Garbage in our Vide Sanitaire

The load-bearing elements and insulation for the floor have been laid. Unfortunately, in our vide-sanitaire (low air area separating the floor from the ground) is the garbage of the construction work.

We have contacted the construction manager of Maisons de la Côte Atlantique (MCA) about this. He is also unhappy with it and assured us that the garbage will be removed soon. It is a pity that we have to pay attention to such things. We think hiding garbage under the house says a lot about the reliability and work ethic of the craftsmen.

To our surprise, the site manager said that on the side of the house where a terrace will be built, there will be no moisture insulation of the foundation of the house.

However, as he was also very unhappy about the garbage inside our vide-sanitaires, he would instruct the workers to make also on the side of the terrace a damp proofing of the foundation.

For us a good and complete moisture insulation of the foundation is very important, in a previous house we had big problems because of a missing moisture insulation.