Experiences with Loan Search in France

In 2018 - when we were still living in France, we already had experience with credit search and banks in France. Many banks in France have terrible ratings in online rating portals. And many definitely live up to them. Through our experiences with Hello Bank, we directly ruled out this bank. We would rather not get a loan than work with this bank again

Banks we contacted in France

We contacted the major credit companies first, then smaller ones as well. Here is the complete list of banks we contacted in France:

Experiences with the credit companies in France

After negotiations with Crédit Mutuelle and Crédit Agricole were very slow, we contacted the other banks. Most of the credit institutions were unresponsive, slow, did not keep timeframes and appointments and did not call back despite promised callbacks. Well deserved 1-star reviews.

Two reliable banks: LCL and HSBC

Only two banks were reliable in keeping appointments: LCL and HSBC. As a result, we did not pursue contact with the other banks any further.